Riley’s Paint Smash

I asked Riley what kind of birthday she wanted and her answer was rainbows. I started looking at backdrops with others putting rainbow balloons in the background and it just wasn’t inspiring me. Then while on a forum I saw someone mention a paint smash instead of a cake smash for one year photos. I looked at some photos and immediately like YES! This would be so much more fun with a 3 year old vs a 1 year old for sure! So I ordered a white backdrop, canvas, and a little white dress for her.

Oh boy this was seriously the most fun session I have ever done with her!

I put out a blank canvas, and poured some paint on my old palette, and then called her out in her little white dress. I had tony set up a time lapse to get some video of her and then we let her loose!

She was so excited to paint cause she’s been asking to do it for at least a week or so before. I thought it would be good to build the hype. She grabbed her paint brush and started painting away. It started on the canvas, then she wandered to the floor and to the wall. I taught her how to use her hands in the paint to make hand prints or to step into the paint. I was hoping she would get her dress painted too but she didn’t want to get it dirty. So I did splash some paint on her. 30 mins later, she was completely covered in paint!


After doing this, I did get some interest! Would you like to see a package like this as a session offer?

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