Welcome Baby Oaklyn!

You might all remember Eilee turning one a few months ago, well now she’s got an adorable baby sister!

Welcome baby Oaklyn!

When we arrived, Eilee had fallen asleep so since we had grandma with us, she stayed with Eilee in the car while we took pictures of Oaklyn. If you have a younger little, I am totally open to families bringing a helper. This helper can help to make kids smile, as well as amuse them when we are trying to get photos of just your new little one or ones with you holding them. On this particular day, grandma gave us a wonderful 20-30 minutes of just Oaklyn. Eilee got a good rest in and was ready for photos when she came to join us. She was so much more happy than if we had woken her up at the beginning of the session.

I saw photos of making a basket look like a swing in nature and have dreamed of being able to do a session like that. This was the day! We used tule to make it look like it was hanging from a tree and then put baby Oaklyn inside. She was just the happiest little baby and so alert. Once we were done with the basket, I did new photos with Amber, MacKlen and Oaklyn. And as we finished up with those pictures, we called grandma to come meet us.

Toddlers don’t like sitting still and I think a lot of people worry that their crazy kiddo is going to ruin photo time by running around but honestly it can be the best. We set up the family with Oaklyn on a blanket and had grandma and aunty go behind me and call Eilee so she would come running towards me with the biggest smile. I did this a few times so it became like a game for Eilee. I think as we turn it into a game too, it helps the parents to relax as well 🙂

Once we were done with the complete family, we moved onto getting photos of just the girls together. First we did them on the blanket by themselves and then we moved back to the basket so Eilee could peek inside of the basket to see her baby. We were really able to capture some sweet moments on this session!

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