Welcome Baby Willa!

Oh two newborn sessions in less then two weeks! I love it! This time we welcome baby Willa!

Willa’s family chose to do an in home session. Their bedroom and really their whole home has the most beautiful light that comes through the windows. For this session we primarily stayed in the bedroom with a few photos in their living room. I have been wanting to do pictures on a bed for so long. I always think are so much more intimate.

Again, we were lucky enough to have an aunty with us to keep their older one busy while we got those first pictures with Willa. When we brought Griffin in, he was definitely such a ham for the camera. But even though Griffin knows me from stroller strides, families are always going to know the best way to get their kiddos to do those real smiles. This time it was pretending my mini tripod was scuba Steve and he was swimming behind me. And of course the offering of lollipops when all the photos were over.

It’s always great to do breaks with toddlers because their attention span is so quick. So I choose to alternate between photos where we need them and when we don’t. It’s also best that when the toddlers are in the picture to make it a game. For Griff, we played some peekaboo where he would hide behind his dad and then pop out and say BOO!

Scroll down now to see the beautiful images from this session!

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