February Activities



Week 1: Magic Paper

Bringing back a favorite from when we did it during the fall. This is a super easy activity for you to do at home. Simply get some paper (I prefer watercolor paper) and a white crayon. Draw designs onto the paper for your child to discover while they paint with water colors. For the Valentines theme, I wrote Happy Valentines Day or Love on the papers followed by may hearts. I also limited their palette to red, pink, and a blue to just add a little contrast.



Week 2: Valentines Day Cards

Well this week is actually Valentines so of course we need to make some cards. Target has these awesome starter packs for Valentines. I went out and bought some foam hearts, foam stickers, and regular stickers for the kids to decorate their own cards. If you don’t want to use foam, they also had these red, white or pink valentines cards that come with envelopes. I actually had Riley use the plain cards and decorate them with markers and stickers and sent them to some family and friends. For playgroup though, we are going to do the foam. Kids just love stickers and the foam helps to add some dimension to them. I’ll also be bringing a couple markers so the kids can draw or parents can write on them. Don’t mind my writing below, I’m starting to learn how to do some calligraphy.

Week 3: Stained Glass Hearts

I am probably most excited for this one. You will need some tissue paper, self adhesive laminate, a hole puncher, glue stick, string, and scissors.

Lay down and open the self laminate and let the kids stick tissue paper to the sticky side of the laminate. It is okay if some of the tissue paper overlaps and they don’t need to fill up the entire laminate. In fact it is best to have some open space to help the laminate seal correctly. Once they are done fold down the flap and rub it to get it all to stick flat. Then start cutting out their hearts from the laminate. Once the hearts are free, use a hole puncher to cut a hole and cut some string to make it so it can hang. Then check around the laminate to see if there are any open spaces that didn’t get to stick properly and use the gluestick to finish those parts. Hang up their masterpieces indoors but by a window so you can enjoy their work.

Week 4: Popsicle Stick Frames

Okay this one requires some prep work. You will need a hot glue gun, popsicle sticks, and a mini clothes pin. I also suggest getting some small round magnets though it is not required. I start by gluing together about 12-16 popsicle sticks depending on the size of the frame you want. For ours I am doing 16 cause I wanted enough space for the clothes pin, decorating space and to fit a instax picture on it. Once you have the popsicle sticks glued, glue one mini clothespin to the center of the frame. Then flip it to the other side and put 2-4 circle magnets in the corners of the frames. Then it’s time to let your kids go wild. For my playgroup I will be bringing markers and stickers but you can give them other things like tissue paper and glue, paints, let them do a magazine collage, beads, buttons, anything you want to decorate their frame.


I hope you join in on some of the activities this month! If you do make sure to tag me @sharonholck on instagram so I can see what you made! Have a LOVEly February!

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