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You just had an amazing photo session with me and opened your photo gallery. I’m hoping you scrolled through and gave some oohs and ahhs and started instantly picking out your favorite pictures! You didn’t yet? Well take a few moments to mark your favorites and once you do, click back to this page.

I’ve had some people get a little confused on how to download your images so I wanted to create a blog post to help you! This isn’t just for my clients either, if you are another photographer needing a how-to for your clients on downloading your images from PixieSet, please feel free to share this 🙂

If you have a package that you are only buying single images please add all of your favorite images into your cart.  Click on the little shopping card and select the digital tab.


Once you are in the digital tab, select what you need. Again, if you have a package where you only have select images, you will need to select “Single Image Download”.

If you are downloading your entire gallery, please select any image and click on “All Photos Download”.


Once you have added all of your selected images into your cart, please continue to checkout.

If you are downloading your entire gallery. You only need to select any one image to add to your cart, and then continue to checkout.



You will put in all of your information here.

If you have only select images, please apply your coupon code where the star “Apply a Coupon” line is. This will discount all of your chosen images so you aren’t charged. If you have chosen more than your coupon code offers, be aware you will be charged for additional images.

If you are downloading your entire gallery. You will fill in all the information and not use your coupon code. You will be charged the “All Photos Download” fee that you saw when adding the image to your cart.



Fill in the rest of the forms as you go through shipping methods and secure payment tabs. You must have a valid email address as you will be emailed a link with all of your images shortly after you complete the steps. When the link comes in you will have 7 DAYS to download your images.

Of course if anything isn’t working, please let me know so I can get your images to you as fast as possible.

Thank you so much for letting me spend time with you!

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