Riley’s Birthday & Christmas

Wow, well I know I fell behind in blogging but oh my goodness. While checking my drafts, I realized I had this one all typed up since January and never posted it! So here is a super late Christmas & Birthday post of our little family hahaha!!


I cannot believe my little girl is THREE!

Seriously how is this possible? I think all the time how the timing of life feels so strange to me right now. Like walking into my dorm for the first time in the cold wondering what New York is going to be for me feels like such a short time ago, yet in reality 7 years ago. 7 YEARS! I have been dating Tony for almost 7 years. Our nights with our friends seemed like just a year ago, yet here we are,  we have a 3 year old. I feel like I have definitely grown up so much in this time with her. I knew I was excited to see how she would see the world but man as we are hitting our stride in talking and pretend, she is just the most amazing little person. She is just a light in my life and I cannot imagine how life was without her.

This year when I asked her what she wanted for her Christmas and birthday, she said RAINBOWs! Thus I did the paint splash session with her. If you haven’t seen it yet, CLICK HERE to see all the fun she had. I tried to narrow her down and asked her what she wanted as presents. She would answer with PINK PRESENTS! Now little one, what do you want IN your pink presents? Her answer… 40-9-2. (if anyone uses these numbers and win, we deserve a cut! haha)

Yah I have no idea what these numbers means…She quotes them all the time. I feel like I need to put them on a lottery ticket and see if they’re lucky. I finally convinced her to ask Santa for a tea party set.

We decided to do a little birthday party for her. We invited some friends over for a paint party. I set up the same back drop and let her and her friends go crazy after we opened presents and had some pizza. She was so excited to play with everyone and get her presents. It’s funny to see how much better she has gotten at unwrapping compared to the last two years. I can only imagine next year. She wanted rainbow cakes so I got creative and made some rainbow cupcakes and real buttercream frosting (new favorite thing to make by the way. But if anyone wants to get Sharon a present, a teal mixer would be amazing!)

On her actual birthday, she was all excited telling everyone how it was her birthday and she was three. She wanted a rainbow cake and I delivered. I made this two layer cake with all these rainbow colors coming off of it. My most detailed cake I have ever made. I couldn’t believe how much frosting it took to make the darn thing! I kept having to run back to the store to buy more.

We had a quick little mini party at home to celebrate her birthday, opened a few gifts and then we took her to Tony’s side of the family for their Christmas eve party. She really enjoyed playing with cousins and making (let’s be honest, not making but EATING) the ginger bread cookies. We hung out for a few hours then came back home and set out cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeer. She was dead set on carrots cause her Night Before Christmas book has a page where she noticed there are carrots on the plate. She also hung her magic key on the door for Santa to be able to come in and she went to bed.

She woke up all amazed at the presents around the living room and was most proud that Santa ate the cookies. She ripped through her presents and got upset cause she didn’t want to just unwrap them but she wanted us to open them out of the packaging immediately haha. Once finally getting her through her presents we started throwing the wrapping paper in a big box. This girl started jumping into the box and hiding in all the paper. It was the silliest and probably best part of her Christmas. After it was all said and done, she kept asking if we could put more cookies out for Santa for him to come again. She was not very amused that she was going to have to wait a long time for that to happen again.

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