Dumbo Movie Review

I am a huge fan of these live action Disney movies! Sure they are retellings but I also find that each one fills in some plot holes to fixes questions that sometimes we have with the original animated tales we watched when we were younger.

Now when I heard they were doing Dumbo, I was only a little curious. Dumbo himself I thought was super adorable (Riley’s 3 month pictures were Dumbo themed and all) but all I remember from the animated movie is Baby Mine song, his mother being locked up, and him flying with his feather. All the details have been lost to me over the years. Dumbo was not one of the movies I watched over and over so it was not committed to memory like the Lion King, Aladdin, Lady and the Tramp and many others were. I just remember it was sad. Not being interested in it made me not super interested in this one and knowing Tim Burton was directing it made me a little weary cause I didn’t want him to make it too weird and ruin Dumbo’s cuteness. BUT it was also Disney so I must see it to give it the chance. As the trailers came out, I started to notice some similarities to the Greatest Showman so I was curious if they were going to make any similar hits between the movies.

Riley was super excited to see “baby timbo” all day as we waited all morning to buy our tickets. (Silly us, kept showing up too early for ticket purchases so we kept driving by and checking in). When the movie started they showed scenes with this crazy monkey who we assume were probably the test for Abu for Aladdin.  The animation is clean but we felt like they definitely added extra scenes with the monkey just to test it for their next film. I do feel like they grabbed a few things from Greatest Showman when it comes to costumes, props, and a few other little things.

Was the movie scary?

Riley was most upset at anything dealing with Dumbo’s mother. There were multiple scenes of separation between the elephants or her being mistreated that Riley was just very sad. It amazes me at such a young age that they can really see when someone is being treated wrong and she just wanted them to be together. I’m also amazed at how easily Riley is able to pick out who are bad guys and who are the good people just on looks and voice alone. Majority of the movie is a lot of Dumbo discovering his talent to fly and learning how to perform. The only part that was “scary” was towards the end where the circus catches on fire. There is just a lot of chaos and the fire made Riley worry something was going to happen to our main characters. But when everyone was reunited she gave a bunch of claps and a hip hip hooray!

This movie to me did end up being very heart warming and had a great happy ending. Happier than even the animated version from what hubs told me anyway. I loved having this two kids by his side helping him learn his talent as well as a couple strong female characters.  Was it my favorite movie, still no, but I think it was a great retelling of their animated story once again. I wouldn’t mind seeing it every now and then. I couldn’t believe anyone could all this adorable elephant terrifying as they did in the film cause I think they still made him super darn cute!

Beware of the snake guy, he has some great one liners in the movie! Had me and hubs cracking up! Seriously, probably one of my favorite characters.

I personally wouldn’t put this in the absolutely must see category, but if you have the time for it, it’s a pleasant watch. Worst comes to worst, you can always watch it when it releases out on Disney’s app or Blu Ray.

Let me know what you thought about the movie below!

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