Shazam! & Five Feet Apart Movie Reviews

Another DC movie for the books!

I was excited for the casting of this movie as well as from watching other animated DC shows, I thought he was hilarious as being a child in a man’s super body with the simple voice command. He’s respected as an adult yet is a child not always knowing what to say or how to do things cause it is still only a teenager (And nobody knows).

We were able to get an early screening for this one and since it crept up on me, I totally forgot to try find a baby sitter. We usually leave her home for super hero movies until we watch it first but since this one dealt with kids and the trailers made it look a lot more kid friendly we figured we might as well.

This movie was hilarious. It had a great origin story, covered standing up to bullies, as well as learning that staying together as a family is stronger than fighting alone.  If you aren’t familiar with this character. It is about a wizard like character who is looking for someone pure of heart to become the new Shazam. When the villain of the film takes the wrong power he starts to seek revenge on those who hurt him in the past. Desperate for hero, he picks the next kid who comes in, an orphan looking for leads to find his mother. He becomes Shazam and leans on his foster brother to help him figure out how to become a hero and they get into some shenanigans. Of course the movie leads up to the normal hero vs villain battle like many super hero movies.

What was the shocker for us was the villains “henchmen” in this film that was completely hidden from the trailers. These henchmen I will say were super well done in CGI and were quite terrifying for kids. Any time the villain came on the screen Riley was scared. She weirdly enough was equally scared and interested in the henchmen and gave them all a more rational name for what she thought they were (such as a monkey and a dragon). Because these were completely hidden from the trailer, I don’t want to go into detail of who these henchmen were but I do want to spread caution that if you are bringing young kids to the theater that you will likely need to have a blanket or jacket to cover their eyes. They do get a good amount of screen time as well (about 25-30 mins worth). These henchmen again are extremely well done, so for adults, they were pretty crazy to look at, just not so much for children.

There was also a super fun surprise that my hubs said was kind of spoiled because of Pop figures but they did a really good job of keeping that part of the cast secret and made the ending extra fun.

This movie was great. I would put it in the must see category for sure. It had super fun humor, a great story, and was very well made (especially for DC). We both decided that we will not be watching it again during Riley’s awake hours because of those henchmen but for us, it can be a fun nighttime movie.

Oh my goodness, I love my romance movies.

When I saw this trailer I got so excited, not only for a new promising romance movie but also because of Cole Sprouse! Oh man this kid has come a long way from the Suite life of Zach and Cody!

This movie is about a set of characters who all have Cystic Fibrosis. They focus a lot of giving awareness to the disease and how it effects those who have it. But most of all it is a love story between two people who aren’t allowed to touch. You see, those with CF can be with other people but not those who also have CF as they have harmful bacteria which can severely harm them. These two characters are crazy opposites who end up falling for each other even though they cannot touch. They end up deciding to take back 1 foot of distance just to get a little bit closer after all CF has taken from them.

This movie does an amazing job and bringing you into this character’s world and feeling with them. The main character runs a vlog where she talks about all things dealing with CF. The characters vary from having positive outlooks to just waiting for their last day. There are many mentions of death and how those people have effected them. This movie hits all the feels of happy, sad, laughter, tears, and getting your heart beating with suspense and then feeling relieved when things get figured out.

The biggest thing out of this movie is to love on those around you. Be thankful for them. Hug and touch them because you have no idea what it’s like to not be able to touch someone you love. Humans need physical touch in our lives and this movie just shows a world without being able to touch. Spend time with those you love cause you really never know when it will be their last day. They can be with you one moment, and the next moment gone. So make sure you hug your loved ones.

I really don’t want to go into too much depth because this movie is absolutely amazing. If you love romance, this is a must see movie. 5/5 on this film!

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