My Top Favorite Podcasts

This is a funny thing for me to post only because for years, I made fun of my husband for liking podcasts. I thought they were boring and I just didn’t want to listen to someone talk. Then about a year and a half ago, I started venturing into the podcast realm. I started with a podcast filled with amazing business information and then found more from guests she had or recommendations based on my likes. Here are my top 6 Favorite Podcasts!

Goal Digger with Jenna Kutcher

This was my first Podcast. I found her webinar and instantly fell in love with her. I soon kind of realized she has a crew of friends that are all in this realm and some of them quickly became role models I just had to learn more about. With Jenna she focuses greatly on all the ins and outs of building a strong and healthy business. She usually bounces between solo podcasts, interviewing podcasts with amazing entrepreneurial guests, and then just her home life (which currently are my personal favorites).  I will admit after a year or so of listening to her, she can get repetitive BUT it is so easy to just wait for the next episode. Not to mention, I know the repetition is all a part of getting into peoples heads or repeating to get those who might’ve not heard her before. This podcast is perfect for you if you are looking for something to boost your business knowledge or are looking to be uplifted by her positivity.

Naptime Empire
The lady who runs this podcast was a guest on Jenna Kutchers and I just loved the sound of her voice. She is all about building your empire while the kids nap which was totally my life at the time I found it. I would get Riley down for her nap and start applying all the things I was learning from these podcasts. She has some great guests to help inspire that mom boss spirit and is always so real and encouraging about going at your pace and that you can do all you set your mind to. This one is for you fellow mom bosses!

Creative Empire
This was the third Podcast I found after hearing them talk on Jenna Kutchers podcast. These girl bosses got some amazing guests that really go in depth again on all things building a business related. They do coaching, solo episodes with each other about smaller topics. I never walked away from an episode without feeling inspired to do something within my business. I am just super sad that they have discontinued the podcast so they only have past episodes now. I believe they said they will be leaving up all the info and handouts for at least a year so if you haven’t heard them, make sure you get on them soon before they’re gone.

The Family Photographer
This one was actually suggested to me by my cousin. She was telling me about this photography podcast that is just so real that it just makes it seem like you are listening to friends. And that is totally accurate. I love her chill attitude to talking to her guests and giving a pleasant learning experience about each photographer she interviews. It is both informative and calming. I must say, I absolutely love the sound of her voice.

Bokeh Podcast
While listening to the Family Photographer, This podcast popped up in my suggestions. I decided to give it a listen and it gives me the warm fuzzy feeling of being in school again. He balances tips to start in your business but then after that it just becomes a conversation about photography. It’s been fun too to hear Vanessa Hicks in two episodes now who also did me and Riley’s mother day pictures last year. They are a bit longer in length than some of my other ones but it is totally worth it to me. If you are looking for photo inspiration, check this one out!

Rise Together
Last but not least, the most recent one I have started listening to is Rise Together. You may recognize at least hear name cause she is a published author who has also been on the other podcasts. You also probably have seen the books on the shelves of Target and Barnes and Noble. Well this podcasts she does with her husband and I love it. They get down and dirty with all conversations dealing with relationships. Whether it’s working out problems in a relationship, sex, their adoption story and so much more. This is a super inspiring couple with such awesome and contagious love for each other you won’t be able to not want to try some of the stuff they’re saying. Not into the relationship stuff? Rachel Hollis also does her own solo Podcast that is called Rise.

Here are all the album covers so you can make sure you’re finding the right ones! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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