Movie Review- Avengers EndGame

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Well I gotta start this review with saying how jealous I am that my hubs got to go live his best life and see this movie with his best buds at Skywalker Ranch. From what I hear, the tour they received was amazing along with the sound is going to spoil him forever. But my man got right back on a plane so we could watch it premier night 🙂

Been waiting a whole year for this movie and it did not let me down. I’m gonna try to keep this review as spoiler free so people can still go see it and get all the surprises.

Some people get worried about that 3 hour run time, but every minute is soooooo worth it. What I also loved about this movie is it did an amazing job at completing the story. The movie ends with some tears but to me also a fresh breath of air after all they have been through. There is no end credit scene leaving you in suspense for the next movie, there isn’t a ton of loose ends. This movie ends the 22 movie event of the last decade so beautifully.

It will hit all the feels. You will feel sad, happy, excited, be on the edge of your seat suspense, surprised, have some serious laughter, and some heartbreak.

On our second time to see the movie, we brought Riley. She was all excited and in her Captain Marvel pajamas. She stayed away just long enough to see her come on the screen and knocked out for the rest of the movie. I couldn’t believe it. I want to say if she was awake, the only times she would probably find scary is probably the final battle scene. I am thankful she fell asleep cause I think she probably would’ve maxed out her sitting still time but I did expect her to watch at least an hour and she didn’t even get that far. She was so sad when we walked out of the movie cause she didn’t get to see all the superheroes.

This is one you need to see in theaters for all of it’s glory. IMAX if you can pull it but as long as you are in a theater it be great. So go find those babysitters if you need them and get out there!

I cannot speak more highly of this movie.

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