Movie Review: Ugly Dolls

Riley saw this trailer during one of our other movies and has been asking daily to watch it. When I saw that it was out today and Tony was going to see Avengers again, I thought it was the perfect time to go take her to the movie.

The movie opens up with this colorful upbeat song and she was glued to the screen. Honestly I was too. The music for this movie was so good, along with a great cast to act and sing in it.

The message behind this movie is great for kids in loving themselves for everything they are. That the “imperfections” is what makes them special and beautiful. While it does take awhile to get to that point. The characters find themselves in the land of Perfection and there are a lot of mean words and songs spoken about their appearance and how they will never be enough for a child to love. The characters continue to trek through to show that they are enough. There are some bumps along the way, but as every kids movie, they succeed in the end with their happy ending.

Scary parts?

Riley is again, very good at figuring out who the villain in all movies are and was quickly telling me that she didn’t like that character when he was on the screen (which was a lot). Especially when he had his own song.

Riley is also very empathetic and there is a few minutes of the film, where all the characters are sad so I heard her getting very sad as well with some nose sniffles. The climax has a robot baby that starts crying and thats when she started crying as well cause the baby was so sad.

The scariest of the parts was when the characters are about to be thrown into the shredder. They gave it a face and use warm colors and for the first time Riley started bawling in a movie about how scary it was. But even thought she was afraid she didn’t want to cover her eyes. This part maybe lasted 3-6 minutes.

Of course she was all happy go lucky the second all the characters are happy again. When I asked if she liked the movie she said yes.

In the end, I really liked the movie. I will likely be downloading some of the music. I’m not gonna say that Ugly Dolls is a must see but if you are debating on seeing it, I’d check it out. If not at least see it when it comes out on DVD or if it lands on a streaming service.

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