Aladdin Review

I have been soooooo excited to see this movie and it did not disappoint!!

I was so happy that they decided to keep the classic music that we knew. The movie I felt had a nice blend of what we already knew and loved into the live action setting but keeping some of their broadway elements. They also had a new song that was showcased beautifully and fit the story.

I was curious what the change was going to be since all of the movies so far usually have a change to the story in some way. For this movie, they kept just about everything the same with a couple times combining scenes together that I didn’t mind at all. The did give Jasmine a stronger personality which I think fit her character even better. Yay, Girl Power!

I know some people have complained about Will Smith’s Genie but honestly he did amazing. Yes he is different, and he had some HUGE shoes to feel but I think him as the Genie was an awesome choice. While he doesn’t have the best voice for singing the songs and maybe didn’t hit every single note perfectly. I still loved the songs. In the end, he isn’t and will never be Robin Williams and he needed the chance to make the character his own.

I could see a couple scenes already that I wonder if they were screen tests for Lion King and Little Mermaid which makes me all the more excited for the coming movies.

Aladdin might be my favorite adaption yet. I seriously felt like I wanted to cry from the awesomeness of the first 20 mins alone. It was just so perfectly done. Tony and I were trying to decide what was better between this and Beauty and the Beast. I vote Aladdin, He votes Beauty and the Beast. Tell me what you think!

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