Quick Recap of 2019

Wow! 2019 was very much a whirlwind. I swear these years just keep going by faster and faster.

While I wanted to really focus on my business, it really didn’t seem to go that way. I ended up getting burnt out and juggled way too many things. And while it left me a little frustrated, it left me giving more time with my family instead which I really needed.

While I didn’t have as many sessions as I did back in 2018, I started working full time at my night job which meant I got to meet even more people and know I was giving memories for years to come even if it isn’t as glamorous as a sunset beach session. And man did I work it hard.

In the summer we found out we were expecting another little bean. Boy did this little bean make me sick! I surprised my hubs on Father’s Day with finding out he was gonna be a father again and it was so cute. We are so excited (Riley maybe most of all as she keeps asking if it’s valentines day yet since that is near my due date). We’ve decided to keep baby’s gender a secret so feel free to drop your guesses on if you think we’re having a boy or a girl in the comments below!

Soon after, we decided to make the move to Pensacola, Florida with my brother and his family. We thought it be better to move before baby rather than after so we quickly packed up and landed in Florida in November.

As we packed I also thought, why not start a vlog. I know I’m not great at keeping up with things but I wanted something so family and friends can still see what we’re up to as move. We did a lot of vlogs as we were doing our last visits to our favorite places back home along with some trip vlogs. If you want to check it out, click the link below. We are Life With the Lonos on Youtube.


So these are the big things that happened in 2019. I’m gonna try get the ball rolling again to stay in touch with everyone. With that being said, I do want to know what are your favorite posts of mine. Are there things you want to see more of? More photo session tips? More Riley? Parenting? Tell me all the things so I can make some posts for YOU.

Until then, enjoy some of these updated photos of our little family that my brother took of us during their trip here during the summer.

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