DIY Newborn Session

During this time of social distancing, photography is one of the many businesses taking a hit. Photos are so important for those big moments, so until this passes, I wanted to create a list of my favorite shots to get during newborn/fresh 48 sessions that you can do yourself. Babies grow so fast and I don’t want you missing on these precious moments while we wait out this pandemic. While I cannot be there to take photos for you currently, I’d still love to edit them for you. Email me at to talk about it 🙂

First, If you’re able, make your home a bit on the warmer side and make sure baby is changed and fed. Be patient cause newborn sessions can have a lot of pauses for diaper changes, nursing or even cuddles as they are still adjusting to this new world they’re in. Usually choose a time where your baby has been known to nap more often.


Details are some of my favorite things to capture. Get up close on those little curls or peach fuzz. Their little ears, hands, and toes. If they aren’t wearing clothes, even those wrinkles on their back or chub on their arms and legs are great little things to remember.

Babies have an awesome little trick, if you pet the outside of their hands or feet they will open their hands or spread their toes. You can use this technique to put your finger in their little hands and snap a photo of how little their hands are to yours. When you pet the inside of their hands or feet they will close their hands and clench their toes.

Simple Favorites

Take turns with your partner holding baby. First shot is to have baby in front of you so babies head is close to the camera. Whoever is holding baby, tell them to look down at their little one and smile. They can sometimes make a silly face too. You will want to do two takes from this photo. One where the parent is in focus, and one where the babies head is in focus.

From this position turn your body either to the right or left. I like to try make one parent face one way and the other do the other direction so they can compliment each other if printed or in an album. Bring babies head close so where you are touching noses or foreheads. You can do another a bit farther away and just looking at your bundle of joy.

If you have 1-2 toddler aged siblings, you can have them sit together with their legs straight out and lay the new baby on their legs. Then tell the siblings closest to their head to give them a kiss. The other sibling can tickle babies toes.

You can also let your kids lay on the floor or bed together to get photos of them with their new baby. Telling them to do little things like tickle toes, kiss heads, or even poking the babies nose are simple little instructions they can handle. Embrace the things your kiddos do naturally. All those moments are special 🙂

You can still take great pictures if you have a fluffy rug or blanket. Wrap baby up in your favorite swaddle and take a few shots of baby. Avoid straight on camera flash. If you have a flash that can point towards the ceiling, that is your best bit. If not use natural light or even light from a window.

Taken indoors with Flash pointed up.
Natural Light under a tree in a basket.

If you have a tripod, take some family photos on the bed like this. I like putting parents and the new baby in the back and the older kids in the front either smiling or making a silly face.

If you’re out in the yard, you can lay down a blanket and sit on it as a family. If you have a rambunctious little one let them run towards the camera for some fun candid shots.

If you have the tripod, don’t forget to get some shots of you and your partner with the new baby as well.

I hope this posts gives you some ideas on doing your own session to create memories for your family album. Please maintain your states guidelines for social distancing. These are all possible to do indoors or in your backyards. No need to travel further than you need to.

Again, while I cannot be there to photograph you at this time, I am happy to edit photos for you. Please email me at to talk about editing your session!

Stay safe and healthy!

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