Welcome Remilynn!

Our lives have been changed on February 15, 2020! For the last 9 months, we waited and waited to see if our little surprise would be a baby girl or a baby boy. Almost everyone thought we had a boy in our midst, and even I thought so too. We nicknamed my bump little earthquake due to the movements baby would do inside of me that literally felt like little earthquakes. But towards the end of my pregnancy, I flipped to team girl. Something told me maybe all the differences weren’t as they seemed.

We really hoped for a Valentines day baby. I had my membranes sweeped, I did so much bouncing on a ball, walked over 2 miles, ate a ton of pineapple, and even ate some Spicy chicken nuggets at Wendy’s. Seriously, I don’t know how anyone can eat those things. I ate like half a junior frosty per nugget and my mouth still felt like it was on fire.

But valentines was not meant to be. Little one just stayed content in my womb so the day after, I went in to get induced. I was a bundle of nerves. For some reason signing papers to be induced was so much scarier to me than going naturally.

We rolled up at 5 am. Got everything signed. Got poked multiple times because apparently I have thick skin and was dehydrated. That IV hurt so much more than the first time, I felt like I couldn’t even move my hand. In fact, I really couldn’t because if I did the alarm would go off most times. They got me on pitocin and we waited.

Around 10 am, they asked me if I wanted an epidural. Everything wasn’t that bad at that point but they had said the anesthesiologist was going into a surgery and wouldn’t be able to come for an hour. I was at almost to 5cm dilated so I told them to put me on the list for when he gets out at 11.

Welp, my body decided to ramp up very quickly. Shortly after she left, I got up to go to the bathroom and as I was getting back into bed my water broke like in the movies. So much water. I hobbled back to the potty and we waited for the nurse. She let me rinse myself off a little bit and then I got back into bed. She decided to try get whatever might still be in there. We were both amazed at how much water continued to come out. She said the towels and everything felt like at least 3 pounds.

She left and my body almost immediately dilated more. 15 minutes later I was in tears from the contractions so they made arrangements for him to come as soon as he could. In the mean time she got me some other pain meds and were amazing. Everything felt warm and fuzzy. I was a happy human haha. Then he came and did my epidural and we waited. Once everything had settled, they said no wonder I was in pain cause my body pretty much jumped from 5cm to 7 almost 8cm after my water broke.

I laughed because at this point I started realizing how much this labor was almost just like Riley’s. While I went naturally with her, I didn’t get my epidural until around 10am and I was almost 8 cm. Riley was born at 2:26 pm.

As we reached about 2 pm. the nurse came in and checked me. She said I was at a 10 and asked how my pushing went last time. I told her I was very quick. We did a quick practice push and they said “yup, this will be quick. Time to get the doctor”.

We got ready to meet our Little Earthquake.

I pushed 3 times, and our baby was a little girl!

I still cannot believe I got two little girls. It’s been 2.5 months since Remi entered our lives and she is a joy. Riley is just in love with her. She loves playing with her and thinks she is just the cutest. It just makes my heart so warm to see them interact with each other. Remi smiles every time Riley comes around. She loves to talk and always has a lot to say in her sweet little baby voice. She is giving us more sleep which is awesome, and she is a better breastfeeder than Riley was.

Here below are some of our favorite pictures from her multiple newborn sessions cause she took a few tries haha. Here is also a link to her first vlog.


  1. Debbie Miranda says:

    I love your blog…. Beautiful story…. beautiful family….. congratulations!! Remi is adorable!!!

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