Big Move!

If my post about 2019 wasn’t enough of a whirlwind, I’m sure we can all relate when I say that 2020 has been both the fastest and slowest year we’ve ever had. It may be just getting through the new baby phase, but to me every day seems like it just flies. We wake up and before I know it, it is time to be cooking dinner and going to bed. I feel both exhausted and like there are just not enough hours in the day.

Besides the pandemic, protests, and all the other things that has shown up on our 2020 bingo card that just seems to keep on giving (Like seriously, what is next!) we have done some big things!

In June, we made our move from Florida and are now in Indianapolis in our first apartment! I’m so excited that I finally have a place to call my own and decorate the way we want. I didn’t know how freeing it was to even have my own kitchen!

It’s a 800 sq little 2 bedroom apartment in Southern Indianapolis. We are near all the gas stations, restaurants and grocery stores we could ever need. Many of the houses are so cute with their lawn decor and little Christmas trees and flowers. We are at awe that everyones lawns always seem to be mowed. Like seriously, how is every lawn so green and perfect! Even the empty lots for sale are mowed!

We have made our first friends with some kids a few houses down from us. They have become a part of our little bubble because I don’t think we can keep Riley locked up much longer for her mental health especially with all the changes we’ve been through in the last year. Don’t worry, she is fine, but I can definitely see she is some need of some friends to be social with.

We are homeschooling her through Playing Preschool until at least January to see how Covid is doing. I’m praying she will be able to start in the spring cause she misses school so much.

Remi is starting to army crawl around. Mostly if she sees your phone on the floor or if you place a bowl or cup on the ground for her to get. You know, items that are not toys are always more appealing. She is a wiggly worm and a very busy baby. She loves to take all the toys out of a bowl or box and cries when it’s empty so you can fill it up again. She loves her bouncer. I can just tell she is going to be my little firecracker. Definition of a sour patch kid. She is super sweet and likes to softly touch your face and then will reach behind and pinch your neck as hard as she can. She is such a happy baby and smiles so much.

I love watching the relationship between Riley and Remi grow. Riley is such a great big sister. She is always ready to grab us a spit up rag, hand us diapers, giving her a blanket when she is in the swing so she doesn’t get cold. They’ve just had their first bath together and they had so much fun. Remi just loves seeing Riley and cannot help but smile when Riley is near by. It is just the cutest thing. Riley loves squishing her little cheeks and showering her with all the kisses.

Tony transferred his job up here so he works hard for us while I stay home with the kiddos. We love his new schedule cause we get to sleep in and spend the mornings together before he goes to work. Nights are hard with the girls but I love being able to have those mornings and early afternoons to do things as a family if we need to.

We love it here so far and are very happy with our decision. We just cannot wait for covid to calm down so we can really enjoy this city to its fullest.

I haven’t yet taken any photo jobs since we’ve been getting settled BUT if you know someone in Indianapolis or if you are new to my page and seeing me for the first time, I would absolutely LOVE to work with you to make some memories! Email me at to chat about your future session!

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