Remilynn’s Milk Bath

It’s funny how things change. 4 years ago when Riley was a baby, milk bath photos I felt like I mostly saw was with only the mother, especially pregnant mothers. Being a new mom, it wasn’t that appealing to me to do. Maybe it was because I was uncomfortable with my body? But as these years have gone on, and I’ve learned all the benefits of breastmilk and how milk baths can help heal skin, I have a new appreciation for milk bath sessions.

I’ve noticed, it is now a huge thing to do these as an accomplishments of 6 months of breastfeeding for our sweet babes to get a cute little milk bath. But it isn’t just the breastfeeding community that is taking part in these adorable sessions but really all mothers both breastfeeding, formula feeding, pumping or combination of all the above. It is a celebration of our babies turning 6 months and my goodness they are the cutest little chunky monkeys!

I went ahead and purchased a tub and some flowers and got ready to do my first ever milk bath session with my sweet girl. Below is the outcome and I’m so happy I got on the bandwagon and did these. I totally wish I did one with Riley now back then !

If you’re in Indianapolis and want to get a milk bath session put together for your little one, let’s get this together!

Please email me for more information at

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