About Me

You want to know about me?! Of course you do!

My name is Sharon Holck and I live in Hawaii. I have a small little family that consists of my handsome husband Tony, myself, and our adorable daughter Riley who I probably talk about way too much, but just look at her, how can I not?

I am a professional photographer with a focus on creating memories for not only your own family but the generations to come and look back on. I love working with families both big and small whether they are just starting out as an engaged couple or if they are working on child number 5. Photography tells a story and I want to help show yours! I also have huge passion for black and white photography so be prepared to see a lot!

When I’m not photographing, I’m usually at home with Riley playing in her play kitchen, attempting to read her books, and watching either PBS Kids (Anyone else tired of Splash and Bubbles?) or HGTV in the background (I cannot get enough of Fixer Upper). I work 3 nights a week photographing at a restaurant in Honolulu. Weekends are our special time where we get to go out and do activities as a family or do household errands. But no matter what we do, we cherish the family time that we get.

I also love spending time outside in nature, animals (especially doggies, if you see me on the street, please let me pet your pup and I’ll love you forever), pasta, and music. We are a nerdy family and you will likely see at least me and my husband at every single movie premier in the center of the theater every time. We also go to a lot of comic and anime conventions. We just love being able to meet our favorite actors, voice actors, and getting all that behind the scenes information.

Here on this blog I hope to give you material that can help you plan for your photography sessions along with other photography topics, sharing photography sessions I have with clients for you to see, and personal articles on my own journey into mommyhood. Join me on this journey cause I’d love to get to know you just as much as I hope you enjoy learning about me!

Thanks for stopping by!


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