Wow, I realized I haven’t posted one of these in awhile. Funny thing is that I kept telling myself I needed to do one and then every time I opened the document I couldn’t remember anything. So let’s see how this goes haha! Word Explosion! Riley’s use of words is BLOWING our minds. It is […]

Well, this last weekend was a hard one. Back in December I bumped into my old art teacher from my community college and she told me that my drawing teacher was going to have a show with a bunch of his old students. I was so excited to see some of them again since it […]

Before going to bed on Friday night, I thought about how excited I was going to be for tomorrow. I decided I would finally make that box of Cinnamon Streusel muffins I’ve had in the pantry for months and let Riley help me make them since she loves helping me cook. My first session of […]

Since Disneyland, Riley has suddenly decided that talking is cool. Literally by the end of the first day, she gained 5 words to her vocabulary. And since the trip she continues to randomly gain words. It’s been fun to finally hear more of that little voice and trying to figure out what certain sounds mean. […]

I sat here in the dim light looking at your beautiful peaceful face tonight. I was thinking about how I used to be so scared of your tiny little body. I was scared that I could move wrong and break you. You used to be so tiny that I could rest you on my arm, […]

Hey Everyone! There are a few weeks left to take advantage of my Holiday Mini Sessions! Like the photo says above, I am offering 30 min sessions, 25 digital images with a print release, and 20 photo cards. Locations include a choice from one of the following: Lanikai Beach Sherwoods Beach (Waimanalo) Kalama Beach Hoomaluhiea […]





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