Today I’m sharing a letter to my mom. I want to give this post a trigger warning to anyone who may have lost someone, especially those who have lost their mother. Yesterday made 12 years of her passing. I was in a very different walk of life back then. I was 15 and in High […]

Since about April, Riley decided that rising with the sun was the best idea ever. This made me very grumpy and honestly herself a bit grumpy as she was awake but not having as much stuff to keep her busy. Now I know it’s no secret but I have totally packed on the mommy pounds. […]

Baby showers are so fun! You get to play fun little games, focus on trying not to say baby so you don’t lose that clip, eat some good food and dessert, and best of all give some adorable gifts to the expectant mother. Bonus, A couple pictures from our baby shower haha! Since becoming a […]

9-4-17 : Aquarium Visit We decided to spend our Labor Day at the Waikiki Aquarium. Riley loooooves fish and the last time we went to the aquarium was when she was maybe 5 months old so I figured it was about time to go back. I’ll admit that our aquarium is very small, and it […]

I thought it would be fun to every once and while share a few mini stories of things that’s been going on but aren’t necessarily single blog post worthy. They’re just little insights into my life that I hope you will enjoy!   8-21-17 Happy Eclipse Day! I was actually super excited to see a […]





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