Today I’m sharing a letter to my mom. I want to give this post a trigger warning to anyone who may have lost someone, especially those who have lost their mother. Yesterday made 12 years of her passing. I was in a very different walk of life back then. I was 15 and in High […]

Baby showers are so fun! You get to play fun little games, focus on trying not to say baby so you don’t lose that clip, eat some good food and dessert, and best of all give some adorable gifts to the expectant mother. Bonus, A couple pictures from our baby shower haha! Since becoming a […]

There are so many things you just assume and don’t understand before you’re a parent. Pre-pregnancy, while I didn’t think breastfeeding wrong, I did think it was a little awkward to do in public. But that mostly came from growing up in a modest home where if even your shoulders show that was scandalous. While […]

Just when you think you’re getting the hang of things your kids just want to throw you a whopper. And I’m going to start this with a warning. If you get squeamish with talk of poop and bodily fluids this article isn’t for you. But if you wanna hear my story of overcoming a parenting […]

Today I wanted to take a second to talk about something that really isn’t mentioned and I think it deserves it’s time in the lime light. There’s a lot of pressure that when a woman has a baby that you are supposed to be instantly connected to this little human, love them wholeheartedly, want to […]





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