We have another senior session for a 2018 graduate! Meet Jeshua! I don’t think I’ve seen this kid since he was maybe 5 or 7! Boy has time flown by! Check out how little he was! And you can even see my nephews and niece in the photo with him too! It was such a […]

Yay! I am so excited for this post! Years ago when I started shooting there was a location that I really wanted to try but I was always too nervous to go and do it. Then earlier this summer I found a safer way to get to the location (pretty much leaving car on the […]

This is my awesome cousin Chauncey! He graduated with the class of 2017 this year and I had the honor of being able to take his pictures last summer in time for submitting to his year book. Chauncey favorite extracurricular activity is paddling for his school team. He will be moving to Washington State to […]

I met Leila through a friend of a friend and this session we did together I think has become a favorite when it came to the editing of the images. When Leila and I talked about the ideas for the session, she sent me a lot of bright and airy photos that resembled a lot […]

This is Melissa! She worked for so many years to get her nursing degree and she has finally completed her education! This session was such a joy to capture her happiness in this awesome milestone. I had fun looking at all her books and learning about her walk through her studies. She came with a […]





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