Hey everyone, So this may come off as a little bit of a vent but I feel like it is something that needs to be said. I have mentioned before that I work part time as a restaurant photographer. Now I not only get to work some awesome people but I love meeting everyone who […]

I am soooo excited to bring this series to a close! I really hope you found it informative and helps you not only save money but bring home the best prints for your home. I wanted to give my disclaimer one more time that this is all based on small prints as pretty much all […]

Being a photographer during this day and age has become quite the struggle. We currently live in a time where we are overwhelmed with pictures and have the constant need to share our lives with everyone around us. We have a huge need to document every single thing so that we can keep it forever. […]

This may go without saying but sometimes we get so carried away in thinking that “it’ll never happen to me” that we don’t take the precautions when we need them the most. I want to talk to you about backing up your images as well as give you my favorite places on where I back […]





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