I have a special love for small elopement. I feel like there is just something so strong about these couples that go against the grain of this huge wedding industry and realize weddings are for them, and that they don’t need anything super huge to celebrate their love. Just being together is all that matters. […]

I am so excited to have a platform to share this now! This was an engagement session from a little over a year ago for my bestie, Jen, and her man, Jordan! All through high school and early college, Jen was such a hard worker saying stuff about how she is dating school and isn’t […]

It’s wedding time again! I hope you all enjoyed my wedding part 1! I’m now ready to share part 2! So incase you are new, as a little bit of a back story, my husband and I got married twice. Once in New York and Comic Con 2015 and then again back home with family […]

Who’s ready for a wedding story?! First, a fun fact, we got married twice! But today, I’m only going to share our first one today. If you read my engagement post, You’d know why that lamp post is special 🙂 But in case you haven’t, this is where my man proposed to me. New York […]

Hi Friends! Today I want to walk you through what shooting a typical wedding day looks like in my business! I assure you while there are plenty of smiles and laughs going around during your day, that I totally understand the underlining stress of hoping everything goes smoothly in the back of your mind. While […]

  Hello friends! Today I want to go over some useful checklists that you should totally give a moment of thought to while getting ready for your special day. Now I know you have a million things going through your head for all of your preparations but having these few checklists will totally help make […]





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